2023-12-04 23:31:09

JD.com and Noahs wealth burst, and the two sides s

Financial Association December 4th, the surplus of the "Chengxing 618" case is still fermenting, and Noah's wealth and JD are "starting the war" today. JD issued a statement saying that Noah's wealth was maliciously sued Jingdong and misled investors. Noah Wealth stated that "Noah Wealth has issued more than ten similar incidents in recent years, and tens of billions of funds ..." and other descriptions in recent years are seriously false and violated the company's reputation.

According to Noah's Wealth WeChat account, this evening, Goffo issued a statement saying that our company has paid attention to our statement on December 4, 2023, "Chengxing 618 "In the case of the case, in June 2019, Shanghai Viffp, as the plaintiff, initiated a civil lawsuit to the court in July 2019 to the court and the defendant such as Chengxing and JD.com. The court has accepted and filed a case in 2019.

The case occurred four years ago and was tried in the recent trial. At a critical moment of judicial trial, we expressed puzzles that JD Group suddenly issued the emotional statement. At the same time, we call for JD Group to submit ourselves to the court in a legal compliance with the specific evidence of "100%lying". In this statement, "Noah's wealth has occurred in more than ten similar incidents in recent years, and tens of billions of funds ..." and other descriptions have been seriously false and have violated our reputation. rights and interests.

It is worth mentioning that earlier today, JD Group issued a statement on malicious prosecution of Noah's wealth, misleading investors and the public, saying that recently, the "Chengxing case" has aroused widespread media and the public. JD.com, as a victim of unaware, was involved in a malicious lawsuit that lasted four years. In the process of scamming in Chengxing Department, Chengxing Company used the counterfeit JD.com, counterfeit JD employees, counterfeit JD systems and false transaction data, and easily deceived Noah's wealth and under its name "Global Comprehensive Financial Platform". Gohp's assets received huge amounts of financing in Goffism, which caused a thunderous thunder. Faced with the fraud that lasted more than two years, the dedication of the asset -based work in Goffe and huge vulnerabilities in investment and financing management. Do not fulfill the corresponding responsibilities and obligations for investors.

At present, criminal cases related to the "Chengxing case" have been sentenced in the first instance, and the actual controller Luo Jing and other fraud suspects have been sentenced. Noah's wealth and Goffe's assets still ignore the trust of investors, refuse to examine their internal management issues, and maliciously initiate a high -amount litigation of third -party JD.com, trying to confuse audiovisual, continue to mislead investors and the public, shirk and pass on responsibilities. For ourselves to find "scapegoats", we believe that the court will fairly judge the case. It is hoped that Noah's wealth and Goffe's assets face up to their own problems and take out sincerity and rectification measures.

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