2023-12-01 05:14:39

In the past 10 years, domestic abalone prices have

Domestic abalone prices have reached a new low in the past 10 years. Abalone breeding in my country accounted for more than 85 % of the world's abalone. It is a traditional precious ingredient in my country. With the continuous development of breeding technology in recent years, it is now a relatively common ingredients on the table. At the same time, the gradual expansion of the scale of breeding has also caused the price of abalone to decline year by year, and this winter has even reached a new low in 10 years. In the wharf's abalone sorting and trading market, the abalone is classified according to the size. The smaller, the cheaper, the 15 heads of 36 yuan, a pound of 20 heads of 32 yuan, the price is about 10 yuan cheaper than last year. Data show that my country has become the world's first abalone breeding country with an annual output of more than 200,000 tons, which has accounted for more than 85 % of the world's total breeding.