2023-11-30 05:24:56

Wang Suzheng concert the old knee injury recurrenc

Hello, Wang Suzheng's century party, although it is like returning to three years ago, we met at that time called Da Entertainment.

In 2023, we finally met again. Although I do n’t know what it will become next year, at least today, this time, and every time we will have regrets together Essence

I only saw your concert for the first time this year. Until now, as long as I think of the cities in Nanjing or Shanghai, I will feel particularly happy. In the real place, many things happening there are particularly pleasant and beautiful, and you may not be able to understand what exactly got in these three hours.

Brother told me that he had released a lot of albums, wrote a lot of songs, and sang more songs. "I have gone for a long time, just to let you see me, but this The road is really difficult.

"is for the concert at that moment. You can see everyone singing, laughing together, and moved together.

After seeing the information that everyone shared on social media, their text may be particularly happy, the song is very nice, and the concert is very hearty.

At that moment, I felt that all the efforts were worth it, and all the efforts were meaningful.

Roman is necessary, the need to meet, the need for concerts, and the necessaryness of Wang Suzheng, because it is you, so everything looks so necessary.

Our brother can always write the best original songs, the singing skills are so steady, and you can also tell a variety of funny paragraphs. I hope you can always be so happy and healthy. Essence

The unprecedented tough guy is a big entertainmentist. Standing on the stage, he will serve the audience wholeheartedly, so no matter what the situation, whether he is a concert or participating in the music festival, he will use the hottest attitude , Devote myself to the whole stage High.

The stage is very big, and I want to burn the flame deep deep in my heart more freely. Whether it is performance, singing, or giving, we must do the best as much as possible and leave the most beautiful figure.

Wang Suzheng concert the old knee injury recurrence