2023-11-30 04:45:24

Anyang Hongqiqu Airport opened, set sail new chapt

According to CCTV News, Anyang Hongqiqu Airport will be officially opened on November 29, and the first route Anyang to Guangzhou will also be opened simultaneously on the same day.

It is understood that Anyang Hongqiqu Airport is a clear new branch airport project with a clear development of civil aviation development, provincial and municipal key livelihood projects. The total investment of the project was 1.366 billion yuan, and the construction of 550,000 passenger throughput and 2,000 tons of cargo and postal throughput were constructed.

The project was officially started on February 20, 2021. All 18 main buildings in the terminal area were capped. In October 2022, the airport civil aviation professional field roads, flight areas fire, and navigation lighting projects were completed. The pre -acceptance and acceptance have created Anyang speed that the civil aviation airport construction is.

Anyang Hongqiqu Airport also conducted test flights and passenger aircraft test flights, and successfully passed the acceptance and certification and acceptance of the Industry of the Central South Regional Administration of Civil Aviation, which has the conditions for navigation.

After navigation of Anyang Hongqiqu Airport, there will be a number of routes in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Sanya and other cities one after another, directly serving Anyang, Puyang and Hebi northern Henan three cities to travel, and radiate Jindong, Ji, About 60 million people within 150 kilometers southwest of the south and south of Luneng will further improve the regional comprehensive transportation system and promote economic and social development of Anyang and surrounding areas.