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Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

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The old man of the old man of Baishi for flowers, birds,, and fish is very deep. , Small bugs, small fish. After the age of 20, he can be a painter. The painting and drawing posts cannot meet the needs. After "five out and five returns", he planted dozens of pear trees, plum trees, liquid trees, peach trees, fish nourishing, insects, and full of wild flowers and wild grass at home. Object.

There is a close relationship between sketching and creation. Without sketching, there is no way to create. The elderly Baishi often emphasize that sketching is the often job of painters. Flower and bird painters should carefully observe flowers, birds, worms, and fish. After pouring through the fine final sections, pay attention to the changes and different characteristics of the objects at all times. Try to figure out its habits, seize the most moving part of it, make a choice, create boldly, and express their characteristics with the pen and ink in order to "write for the thousands of insects and pass the spirit of the hundred birds."


Most of the flowers of the old man painted by Baishi are freehand and large leaves, but it is very different from the works that simply play with pen and ink. Careful research. Each meticulous reflection is reflected from the sketch. s work.

The elderly often say to the students that the rough branches and leaves are not nonsense, not simply playing with pen and ink, but that the pen and pen must be made. Of course, each basis is to pay a lot of labor. The old man in Baishi is a pumpkin, and you first plant the pumpkin and observe it carefully. Draw the title: "Painting likes to grow melons, and you must hold your own hands." The old man often observes different varieties of gourds for painting gourds, and found that the gourds are not the same. A green vines, the shape of the melon is different. I first learned that the Tiantong has changed its own change, so that Lao Ping is inseparable, and it is the same. "

Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

Gourd Qi Baishi 64.5cm 64.5cm × 34cm in 1949 Beijing Painting Academy Collection

The old man also told me that thick -handed freehand should pay special attention to details. The details are the conditions for constituting "form and spirit". Details with characteristics must be described to be true. The details do not conform to the object. Because the painter does not clarify the importance of certain details or does not grasp the characteristics of the description object, it will not be vivid to make painting. He once gave an example: "The stalks must be large, and the melon stalks should be small."

Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

Gourd Qi Baishi 64.5cm × 34cm 1949 Beijing Painting Academy Collection

When the old man of Baishi was 58 years old (1920), Mr. Mei Lanfang learned to paint. There are many types of Mei Morning Gluttes. The flowers are very large, which is particularly good -looking. From then on, the old man painted cattle flowers like small bowls, and there are inscriptions: "Hundreds of glory flowers are big, and there are no dreams in the Mei family for three years." Soon, the painter Yao Hua saw According to the random manner, just play with pen and ink. The old man in Baishi deliberately went to the Mei family to see the flowers. After reading the flowers, Yao Hua was very ashamed, and since then, he even admired the serious and serious attitude of the elderly Baishi in his creation.

Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

Morning Glory Qi Bai Shi Baishi 134.5cm × 34cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection

White Stone 70 years old (1932) A pot of jade, the old man is writing for flowers. After the painting, the title:

Friends Ling Jun's straight support, some people presented gardenia flowers the previous year, so Ling Jun painted greatly. Yu Jinchun has a person who gives Yu Yuzhenghua with a person, and the paintings are not ugly.

He said: "This kind of flower is white and pure, and the aroma is quiet, different from the general flower, so I love jade flower flowers." He hangs up after drawing, and he is conscious Grasp the spirit of Yuyuhua, so he sketched several times.

A small painting can describe the spirit of the jade flower. Try to see a few dark leaves, one stem straight up, the flowers are full of flowers in the small leaves next to the stems, only one is open, and the rest are not buds. This can be drawn with careful observation when sketching. Especially the withered one, a few drooping strokes, if it is interrupted, it is more real. Draw two chicken claw grass next to the roots. He said: "This kind of grass is the most autumn day next to the flowers. Although there are a few strokes, the grass is the least easy to draw. If there is no effort, it is difficult to lively."> Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

Yuyu Qi Baishi 56cm × 31cm 1932 Beijing Painting Academy Collection

Finally draw a dragonfly. He said: "Painting flowers must have wormbirds to accompany the linage to be more vivid." When adding a dragonfly, the elderly took consideration. It was originally to be added to the upper part. He compared with his hands for a long time. It was too crowded to add a dragonfly with the upper part of the frame, so he decided to add it to the middle, and there was no equivalent position in the middle, so he turned to the outside. The painting meaning is perfect.

Appreciate the paintings of the elderly, especially in these small places, you need to pay attention to the small places. These details, the hard work of the elderly is not small. This painting does not draw small grass, and there is no dragon, I am afraid there is no interest.

Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

Grassworm Mitang Qi Baishi 68cm × 33.5cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection


Shiraishi 40 years old (1902) paintings Pen flowers are the main, especially painting worms have long been expressive. He raised grass bugs such as textiles, bees, butterflies, and other small animals at home. He often paid attention to their characteristics, carefully inspected, and directly sketching.

There are many types of grass bugs painted by the elderly in Baishi. Commonly seen are butterflies, bees, dragonflies, mantis, praying mantis, etc. In addition, there are thin waist peaks, textiles, silkworms, moths, and moths. There are rough pens and fine strokes in the painting method.

Qi Baishi's sketching view of the world

Grass Timi Stealing Qi Baishi 40.5cm × 20cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection

The fine strokes will be understood at a glance that it is indeed observed by carefully. The freehand coarse grassworm is also the result of the described objects. Of course, it is very simple from the surface of a few strokes. In fact, if the author does not have carefully observed it carefully, it will not feel full of vitality among a few strokes. However, some people do n’t understand this. They think that the old man is too simple. I do n’t know that these two strokes have been extracted from his life, so it is rare than Gongbi.

For example, the butterflies painted by the elderly can draw the wings of the butterfly with two strokes with a scorched ink, and another two more strokes. Two butterflies can not only draw a state of wings flying, but also express the black and wired texture of the butterfly wings. This is made from the observation of butterflies for many years, and then created.

The pens butterflies painted at the age of 58. In a small painting, eight butterflies were dancing in the air. Each posture was different, and they were very lively. They were really afraid that they would fly out of the paper and run away. Look at the details of each butterfly, such as wings, body, six legs, eyes, corners, and long mouths of nectar. They are very clear and clearly explained. Looking at it with real butterflies, it is not very good to find that it is the same as that of real butterflies. Some places have been taught, and some places are slightly exaggerated. Therefore, sketching is also refined and showed by traditional brushwork, and then painting thick pens and insects can have both shapes and spirituality.

Double Phoenix Moth Qi Baishi 35cm × 34.5cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection

Baishi Elderly Painting 蟋蟀 is also very successful. The chrysanthemums painted at the age of 80, the four characters of the "Autumn Sound" on the previous question. The autumn color is chrysanthemum, and the sound of autumn refers to 蟋蟀. The chrysanthemum painting is very beautiful and beautiful, and can depict the autumn. Looking at it again, the two puppets only have a few simple ink road hooks, and they are very vivid, especially the fatness of the thighs.

The old man said that this is the mid -autumn scenery of the garden feeding. In the past, he raised a lot of crickets in his hometown and his children, and looked at their lives carefully every day. He once remembered:

Yu Taste saw that children raised insects, and the small ones were 蟋蟀 and each had their own nature. There are good fighting people, but no one, and in the end, there is no ability to see; when there is a fighting wings before fighting, those who dare not come again; those who can only sing if they are blind; After fighting, the female must die and escape. The big one is a race, not a race, neither fighting well nor sounding, and the eyes are abominable. There is a kind of person born under the kitchen and can not eat the door of the kitchen for life. This is also a rough.

It can be seen that the elderly observe carefully, and they are all on the chest. From the perspective of sketching from the bean horns painted by the elderly at the age of 58, we can get proof. There are eighteen puppets under the Douhua stand. Some are looking for the objects of the battle. Some are hiding under the bean leaves, and various attitudes are really depicting.

蝈蝈 Qi Baishi 68.5cm × 33.5cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection

The old man painted grass bugs from actual life, and the pen and pen make sense, so you can draw a sound. The old man tasted the question "Unfortunately silent" on the grass and insect albums.

It is even more clever to see the old man painting bees again.

This is a demonstration of the elderly taught me to paint bee. The little bee flying can draw the state of the bee's flying state, the feeling of wings fan, and the sound. The method of painting is also very simple. Draw the upper body of the bee with Jiao Moheng two or three strokes. Draw your eyes in the first two small dots and draw the bee's belly with a little yellow. When the yellow dot is not dry Three, show the nodes on the stomach. After painting the torso of the bee, the fan of the wings was moved. On both sides of the upper body, two drops of water purification, two drops of water spread on the rice paper, appear two wet circles, on both sides of the wet circle near the chest, and then use a light ink to spread. Two light ink semi -circular. After the wet circle is dry, the wings will be fanned. The sound can be reflected from the fan of the wings. Then add the back and hind legs with a thick ink, and the bee is finished. The old man can pass the bee, especially the creation of wings, which is a deep understanding of the bee. When the old man was 58 years old, he painted a bee -painted sketch. The upper corner was painted with a bunch of vines and a few vine leaves. Twenty bees were busy picking honey, some were picking, some just flew, some wanted to fly Go, some are looking for the petals on the ground. Draw the title:

There is this wild vine after leaning on the mountain hall. When he moved the grandson (the eldest son of Baishi, the son of the eldest son, the son of Liangyuan), he was four years old. Think of the past, like at the bottom.

From the question, it can be seen that although this work is not directly sketching, because the elderly sketching is very deep, so it can really pass the bee. At this time, although it failed to create the technique of wings fan, the spirit of the fan has been depicted. We can also see that it is not successful to draw a few strokes to draw a bee fan.

Double Bee Qi Baishi 35cm × 35cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection

from the butterflies, crickets and bees we see, you can understand that the strokes created by the elderly reflect the deep sketching effort, Therefore, the grass bugs painted by the old man in Baishi have not been appropriate and inappropriate. If we find that there are any uncertain places, it must not be out of the old man's hand.

Mantis Qi Baishi 35.5cm × 35.5cm Beijing Painting Academy Collection

—— Select from Hu Peiheng, Hu Hao's "Qi Baishi Painting and Appreciation"

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