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The market value of Pinduoduo is close to Alibaba,

On November 29, Ali's founder Ma Yun spoke on Alone.com with "partner Ma Yun" as a losing money to respond to Ali employees' market value differences with Ali, as well as operating recommendations.

Ma Yun said: "I believe that Ali will change, Ali will change. All great companies are born in winter. The Ai e -commerce era has just begun, and it is a chance to anyone and challenges. Congratulations to PDD Decisions, execution and efforts in the past few years. "

On the evening of the 28th, Pinduoduo released the third quarter of the third quarter of 2023 as of September 30. The company's revenue of this quarter was 68.84 billion yuan, an increase of 93.9%year -on -year. Under non -US accounting standards, net profit increased by 37%year -on -year to 17.03 billion yuan.

After the financial report was released, Pinduoduo's US stocks increased 18%of the opening, and the market value once exceeded 185 billion U.S. dollars. At the same time, Alibaba's market value was about 1940 US dollars, and the difference between the two was less than $ 10 billion.

Seeing the market value gap between the two "old enemies" continued to narrow, Ali employees "couldn't sit still".

Some Ali employee A posted on the Internet that "it is difficult to sleep at this moment, and dare not think about it. Pinduoduo's market value directly came to $ 185.5 billion, compared with our 194.3 billion, the gap was only 8 billion, which was really startled. Jump. The humble chopped a knife, and it became the elder brother. "

The employee posted, I didn't want to post this nutritional post, but I still left this post under my thoughts, used as a preparation for preparation Forgotten, it is also used as its own encouragement. Hope to work hard with the group brothers to contribute to go back.

Following it, some employees B posted: "Simple buying, simple retreat, less routine and more affordable, never feel that Tmall and JD.com are high -end than Pindu. ..... Letting the original intention of the world that there is no difficult business, should this be the service and achievement of more vast people? " The inner network replied to the "partner Ma Yun" and said: It is particularly good. Please refer to constructive opinions and suggestions. Especially innovation ideas. I believe that everyone in the Ali today is watching. I believe that Ali will change, and Ali will change. All great companies were born in winter. The AI e -commerce era has just begun, and it is a chance and a challenge to anyone. Congratulations to PDD's decisions, implementation and efforts for the past few years. Anyone who has been bullish, but people who can reform tomorrow after tomorrow, and are willing to pay any costs and sacrifice organizations to be respected. Back to our mission and vision, Ali, come on! "

In this regard, many Ali people told reporters that it was not surprising. "Even without speaking, Teacher Ma is often active in the inner network. And he has always paid much attention to the opinions of grassroots employees and 'morale'." Some employees said.

Many partners have posted posts to "cheer up" for Ali employees

This year, Ali has conducted internal reforms. Several partners are also posting through internal networks to inspire morale for Ali employees.

On November 22, rumors of selling huge Ali stocks for Ma Yun's selling huge amounts of Ali stocks, Alibaba partners and chief talents Jiang Fang posted on Alibaba's inner net saying: "The outside world speculates that he sells huge stocks in the outside world shows that Ali has shown Ali to Ali The business has no confidence, and ignores this is a long -term plan, and the higher selling price set by the Ali business will further value the value. " Jack Ma is firmly optimistic about Ali's confidence. The sales plan is a long -term plan. Ma Yun is firmly optimistic about Ali. The current stock price is much lower than that of Ali, and it will still firmly hold Ali stocks.

Cai Chongxin, chairman of Alibaba, also said: "I have been in the company for 25 years. From the beginning of Ali, I have been facing various questions and various challenges. I have carried one after another in doubt and challenges. Because Ali's genes are believed to be better in the future. "Cai Chongxin said that the rapid iteration of global technology and business model today is a challenge to anyone, but it is also an excellent opportunity. "As long as we have an open mind and innovative thinking, we will have the opportunity to create another unique Ali."

Pinduoduo and Ali's market value gap continued to shrink

from November 16th Since the disclosure of the Ali Finance Report and the Ma Yun family trust, Alibaba's stock price has been severely damaged. On November 17, Ali Hong Kong stocks dived, down about 6%compared to the closing price of the previous day. After that, it continued to go down after a slight recovery. As of the press release on the 29th, it remained floating up and down at 72 Hong Kong dollars/share. The latest market value of US stocks Alibaba is currently maintained at $ 195.2 billion.

The market value of Pinduoduo is close to Alibaba, Ma Yun rarely responds about this

Under the stimulus of performance, Pinduoduo's closing price on the 28th was $ 139/ADS, with a market value of about 184.7 billion US dollars.

The market value of Pinduoduo is close to Alibaba, Ma Yun rarely responds about this

"We can clearly feel the continuous recovery of the economy and the potential and toughness of the consumer market. With the implementation of a series of consumer policies, the demand for consumption upgrades is becoming more vigorous At the same time, from user behavior, we see that consumption upgrades are about quality and price. It is the optimization of 'quality price ratio', which is the ultimate pursuit of consumers for good prices. " Executive Chen Lei said in his financial report.

Financial report shows that in the third quarter, the overall consumption of Pinduoduo platform ushered in comprehensive growth. Agricultural and sideline products, beauty washing, digital home appliances, and sports outdoor categories all achieved different degrees of growth. The boom continues to heat up.

"In the future, we will continue to re -invest in agricultural technology, supply chain technology, and overall core research and development, and use technology to create long -term positive value." Chen Lei said.

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