2023-11-29 23:27:11

Panoramic camera capture: the magnificent picture

Turn from: Beijing News

Panorama camera to take the beautiful image of the Earth, the romantic frame of the Galaxy, and the Aurora Typhoon Eye, November 29, Shenzhen A Image Technology Company released the earth Imaging with Galaxy with Galaxy. The image was filmed by the Synchronous orbital satellite 500 kilometers from the ground. On January 15th, my country sent satellites into the scheduled track in the "one arrow and fourteen star" in the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. One of the scientific research satellites was equipped with panoramic cameras, and a large number of beautiful images such as the aurora, the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and other beautiful images were taken. In addition, Galaxy, Typhoon Eye, Tarim Basin, and Himalayan Mountains were also recorded and recorded. The universe received 4684 human wish (Reporter: Ma Jun Production: Li Dongxu)