2023-11-29 22:45:32

How to think of Haidilao subjects three popularity

Recently, Haidilao's "subject three" dance has spread all over the entire network, and it has been on fire abroad.

At present, search for keywords "subject three" and "subject three dances" on major social media platforms ... There will be many detailed explanations, whether it is text type or short video type, It can be said that everything.

The number of three dances on the Douyin has been played 6.36 billion times, and the three dance tutorials of the subjects were 340 million times. The three dances of Haidilao subjects were divided into 1.76 billion times. This only selected three topics. Other content related to the three topics of the subject has also reached hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of good data.

How to think of Haidilao subjects three popularity

While receiving widespread participation and attention, it also allows the brand of the winner in this incident, Haidilao, and obtained the "voice volume+traffic flow. +Revenue "" in three aspects of three aspects.


The subject three explosions,

became the new traffic password of Haidilao

The Internet era, both brands and bloggers will be The word "traffic" is particularly heavy. Whoever has high frequency traffic has obtained a sense of view on the Internet.

to even see that major brands are in order to traffic, roll prices, roll packaging, and rolls, and even rolled up work clothes. Now seeing the popularity of the three dances of the subjects, I also started to roll up. dance. In fact, these are the brand's innovative marketing in order to establish deep connections with the public, just to see which creativity can be favored by everyone.

After seeing the three dances of Haidilao's subject, the most direct response was that the brand began to work again.

Following the controversy. There will be people who follow the wind and like this model, but some people will have discomfort about this model.

How to think of Haidilao subjects three popularity

How to think of Haidilao subjects three popularity

Take a Weibo topic that only recently came out and take the baby to see the subject. Three are very uncomfortable, just to step on the minefield of some people. The difference between I and E people are not discussed here. When someone is eating, it is not too cheerful. Like to quiet is on the one hand. On the other hand, I also hope that the catering industry will do what the catering industry. Go to get everyone's attention. This topic has appeared on Weibo hot search TOP.1, and the reading volume has currently been 390 million.

How to think of Haidilao subjects three popularity

For this matter, it is divided into two controversial points. One thing, saying that this is to provide services to customers, so that customers can eat happily, and they can also feel the atmosphere in the store and make themselves happy. There are individual differences between people.

Whether it is positive or reverse, from the perspective of existing topics and high -frequency traffic, Haidilao successfully made himself out with the three dances of subjects.


How to view the popularity of the subject of the subject?

In the Internet era, information iterations are fast. A case of fire will disappear quietly over time. And those things that make people deeply remember and have the value of spreading value are the precipitation of time and become a classic.

Not to mention the age of short videos, and every day the short video content will be drowned with new ones. If an old content or popular elements can continue to explode, or change to a new word, re -realize the realization of a new word, re -realize the realization If the fire is bursting, it proves that the popularity of things is a reincarnation.

How to think of Haidilao subjects three popularity

The three dances of this subject were exploded. Some netizens commented "Isn't this a few years earlier? Why are you still playing?" Is the society shaking and dodging? "

The phenomenon that once became hot, and now it is still favored by the public to change the word. It can be seen that everyone is very happy to accept new things. When everyone likes to start with different rhythm music and start to twist the posture at will, they have a good foundation for the popularity of the three dances in advance. At the same time, this is why some young people like subject three.

First of all, young people will inadvertently go crazy at will to respond to this changing social environment. The crazy literature and nonsense literature are so popular, that is, it is the side that people use the madness to release their emotionalization. Instead of consuming others, they do not suffer from internal injuries and hurt themselves.

Secondly, people's anxiety, stress, and unreasonable mood cannot be released, which has contributed to everything that can make themselves happy. Take the dopamine and gamrad, which once burst into fire, this is all related to color, and the color is to allow everyone to stimulate the body's pleasant cells through visual senses. coming.

Although the subject three is very hot, it will still be evaluated by everyone as vulgar, not conducive to the health of ankle joints, the brand's use of dance to market, reducing the image of the brand, and so on.

Regardless of whether the comment is good or bad, as long as some people can enjoy it, it proves that the popularity of this phenomenon is valuable.


The popularity of subject three, what inspiration to the brand?

The popularity and explosion of any event will be analyzed by everyone. What inspiration of the popularity of subject three to the brand?

Old elements new use

What is old element new use? Take the word Meirald for example, Merad is now used to describe a color system, and Marad's color is brown, earth color, autumn, and maple leaf colors. Elements, now we have a stylish word, or words that are not understood, and once again output the old concept of the new word, which makes everyone curious.

The word three of the subject is social shaking. After changing the words that make everyone familiar with, it will let everyone add a new element to the fixed cognition of this word, that is, the subject three is not just the driving test, just the driving test The subject three is still a dance.

Whether there is a standard image action

Standard image action, it can be a song and a dance. Use the melody and dance movements to keep everyone in mind the information.

Taking subject three as an example, the reason why it can achieve a large scale is the impulse to try to try. Seeing that others can jump, do you can jump yourself? If you can laugh after you try it yourself, it can be considered a happy emotion.

Some netizens said that this dance is magical. While seeing others jumping cheerfully, he will involuntarily move.

Emotional pleasure

Short video allows everyone to sit, stand with brushes, lying down, walking, and walking. It can be seen that its temptation is really not small. Why can short video content be so attractive? Mainly because short video content allows everyone to get that emotional pleasure. This pleasure comes from the fun, irritation and satisfaction of short videos.

The popular things and things in the Internet era will be brushed away by a big waves of trend and trend. When discussing again, I found that everything seemed not so important.