2023-11-28 21:56:36

Chen Duling showed his figure again, showing a uni

Since the starring of the male and female starring in "One thought of Guanshan", Liu Yuning, a partner of Liu Shishi, is very popular. In addition, from the recently erected actor lineup, you can also see a lot of familiar actors.

According to reports, Liu Shishi plays Ren Ruyi Liu Shishi, which is "Yishan Guanshan" starring in the morning. Judging from the current popular stills and tidbits, Liu Shishi plays the heroine.

Many people know Liu Shishi from Dragon Flowers, and the impression of Liu Shishi is a weak woman. In fact, Liu Shishi has also played a lot of ancient and strange characters, such as "Xuanyuan Sword of the Sky" The eggless tart jade.

Today, Liu Shishi challenged the cold heroic character, and it is also a very big challenge to its personal shaping, becoming the expectation of many fans.

Liu Yuning who plays Ning Yuanzhou Liu Yuning is a net red origin. In recent years, he has run a dragon suit and plays a lot of good characters. A lot of contributions.

From the perspective of the exposed stills, Liu Yuning's costume style is also very beautiful and handsome. In addition, there are righteousness, you can also look forward to cooperation with Liu Shishi.

From the hot actors, Huang Mengying can see that Huang Mengying also appeared in this TV series as a friendship performance.

In "Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms", Su Jin played by Huang Mengying has attracted much attention, and his acting skills have gradually been recognized.

Huang Mengying is not the first time to cooperate with Liu Shishi. In the TV series "Drunk and Exquisite", Huang Mengying played the princess Duoxia.

Chen Xiaobei is still very famous now, that is, black and red. In Yang Mi's TV series "Mrs. Dendu's Zhu", Chen Xiaobei plays the female two Ziyu and Tilan. She is a beautiful and sad prince.

Xiao Chen is famous for "Mrs. Dendu's Zhu" and is now expected to cooperate with Liu Shishi.

Chen Haoyu starred in Chen Haoyu's "One Think of Guanshan", and the stills have not yet come out.

Chen Haoyu is a girl, is she Henala in Rugao Biography? It is also Bai Zhouyue in "Kyushu Record".

In the view of the official "Yishan Guanshan", Chen Duling is particularly starred in Chen Duling. It is unclear which role to play.

However, looking at Chen Dulin's former costume, he knows that Chen Turin is also one of the beauty of costumes.

Zhang Yixi was beautiful and exquisite in the costume of Zhang Yixi. Last year, she performed too much in the TV series "Jiao Ruo Yunjian Moon", her expression was white, and they lost the title of costume beauty.

In 2017, Zhang Yixi was well known by the audience in the costume drama "The Army Division of the Army Division Sima Yi", and began to enter the ranks of the beauty of the times.