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Womens accusing public officials violence leads to

Source: Jimu News

On November 27, a woman in Shimen County, Hunan Province stated on the Internet that a few days ago, she was beaten by a local female public official and attracted attention. On the 28th, the woman in the case told Jimu Journalists that in this conflict, she had an unexpected miscarriage and was still in bed. The local official responded that those involved had been detained, and the identity of their public officials need to be further verified.

Women's accusing public officials violence leads to abortion The video screenshot (source: source: social account number)

monitoring video shows that at 18:06 on November 21, in a convenience store, a woman in a woman, a woman While walking towards the cashier, he looked behind him, and he kept thinking about something in his mouth. At this time, a woman in Huangyi suddenly rushed forward, beat her head on her head, and pulled her hair. The woman then fell to the ground, and then she pulled with the woman in Huangyi. Seeing this, several clerks immediately stepped forward to separate the two, and the two sides continued to quarrel for a few minutes. Another 30 -second -long shop monitoring video showed that the two women quarreled again and pulled each other again. The crowd on the spot came forward to persuade the two.

Women's accusing public officials violence leads to abortion The video screenshot (source: source: monitoring video screenshot)

On the morning of November 27, some netizens posted the above two monitoring videos, saying that the yellow name in the video was The daughter -in -law is a public office of a reservoir management office in Shimen County, Hunan Province, and she is beaten by herself.

On the 28th, Ms. Yang told Jimu Journalists that the woman named Huang Yi was Sun Moumou. Before that, the two of them had some grievances. They just met in a convenience store in Shimen County that day, and she said a few words. Later, Sun Moumou rushed over to beat her and was knocked to the ground. After arriving outside the shop, she immediately called the police. When she stopped Sun Moumou, the other party shot her again.

"When I was pushed down in the convenience store, there was a heat flow in my belly, and I didn't care too much at that time. After the police arrived at the scene, I obviously felt back pain and ass pain, and a little bleeding in the evening. The next day I went to the hospital for an examination and found that the abortion was found. The doctor said that the fetus stopped. "Ms. Yang told Jimu Journalist that on the morning of the incident, she passed the pregnancy test stick test and found that she was pregnant. Unexpectedly, the child was gone because of the dispute in the afternoon.

Women's accusing public officials violence leads to abortion Ms. Yang's outpatient record (source: source: respondent)

Ji Mu journalist from the outpatient records provided by Ms. Yang, the preliminary diagnosis is 7 weeks of pregnancy+ Early abortion (Note: generally refers to unavoidable abortion). Ms. Yang said that she is now lying at home to rest, hoping that there will be a fair handling result in this matter.

On the afternoon of the 28th, in response to Ms. Yang, the official officials of the Huangyi daughter -in -law's descendants were the public officials of a reservoir management office in Shimen County. They have paid attention to this and are verifying the situation from relevant departments.

A staff member of the police station in the jurisdiction of the police said that Sun Moumou has been detained by administrative, but he is not clear about his identity problem.

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