2023-11-28 21:44:25

After the Didi platform fault, some drivers began

Didi is a network -car dating platform, which basically presents a monopoly position in young groups.

Starting in the middle of the night last night, Didi drivers in Shanghai and other places found that Didi platforms could not receive orders, while Didi users could not call the car.

Some drivers were sent to a list of 2,000 kilometers in the middle of the night, and an uncle was even more outrageous. He woke up in the morning and found that there were 60 billion in the background.

This morning, Didi officially stated that the Didi system collapsed, and it has been in a hurry.

For the collapse of the Didi system, Didi drivers in various places have begun withdrawal.

I felt very correct about the driver's withdrawal of this matter.

The money made by Didi Platform is all hard money. Who is willing to work hard for a month, and finally the account is canceled because of the system?

I think of the OFO small yellow car deposit that has not been retreated now ...

Everyone should have tolerance for this behavior of Didi drivers.

But at the same time, the editor also pointed out that large -scale withdrawals will cause a certain collapse of the Didi platform.

In particular, the current Didi platform is not stable.

Didi Platform's system collapse this time has not been completely resolved, and many drivers cannot withdraw or have the incorrect account balance.

Therefore, the Didi platform may have crowded.

The idea of this editor is that as long as the Didi platform does not run.

Simple system crash does not affect the balance of the account, and the Didi platform will restart the system.

Therefore, you don't have to worry.

At the same time, everyone may have different views on everything.

It also supports the driver who insists on withdrawal.

After the Didi platform fault, some drivers began to withdraw cash