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The media rational

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Original Title: Look at the stars out of the live broadcast to bring the live and bring the goods

The end of the stars is with the goods, the end of the cargo is stopped broadcast? Recently, some media reports said that in the "Double 11" just past, topics related to live broadcasts are still in the forefront of the hot search list, but most of the lively head anchors are of the head anchors. Some media concluded that a large number of stars are "escaping" live broadcasts.

There must be a process of change. It was called the first year of the star live broadcast and cargo in 2020. According to incomplete statistics, at least 500 artists opened the "second spring" of the year, among which there are many old -fashioned stars. At the beginning, a lot of stars made a lot of money on the new track, attracting more people to enter the game. However, after all, the live broadcast and cargo are an industry with a strong head effect. As the market size has gradually touched the ceiling and the consumer shopping is becoming rational, many artists' live broadcast performance has begun to end high growth myths. Define situation. In three years, the live broadcast format has shown another scene.

Why is the change? The reason is multi -faceted. The "rollover" performance in the live broadcast room is one of them. In recent years, the "pit" that has been frequently exposed by the media in recent years: there are serious quality problems in the selection of stars and have been complained by many consumers to report to the black cat complaints. Cut fans' leek "; there is a lack of star business capabilities, unfamiliar, and unused products, but they are open to the river and talk about it ... This operation will not only lose the reputation and reputation of the stars, but also bring the consumer ecology. It's not a good thing.

If the stars are embraced and entered the live broadcast and bring the goods as the "reckless period", then this industry is now in the second half of the standardized development. Under Dalang Sand, the stars with long -term performance of performance are destined to not be favored by netizens and market recognition. This can be seen from the topics that have repeatedly attracted social attention recently. "" 900,000 people watched a star live broadcast, the transaction volume was less than 10 orders. " At the moment when impulse consumption "cooling" and star halo "lost color", more and more consumers have set their sights on the cost -effectiveness of the product. In this context, compared to some stars of the commission and pit fee, it is clear that inviting professional e -commerce anchors is a more rational choice.

The "popularity" in the new industry may require great reputation, but the secret of "Chang Hong" must be high -quality products and high standard services, as well as live e -commerce companies. For the anchor of the appearance, selling goods online is not only a craft, but also testing on -site response ability, language organization ability, etc.; It is also a business, testing the control capabilities and service capabilities of key links such as selection and after -sales. In this way, those celebrities who adhere to the live broadcast and bring the goods can only avoid the embarrassing ending of "the end of the cargo is stopping the broadcast" by winning the quality of the quality. (Jingzi)