2023-11-21 21:44:19

Who can DYG deserve?

Since joining this team, Jiancheng has never let anyone down.

He won't let others take the blame for a game he can't win.

I know your life is much better after the transfer, but on the field, they can't stand you.

So this time, don’t blame yourself and don’t suffer anymore.

When you are making strict demands and reflecting on yourself, please remember that King of Glory is not a one-person battle.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Happy gaming and enjoying the game, this is my best expectation for you.

Teacher, my QianC will not participate in such activities in the future.

The child has been crying since he came home. He said that he felt dizzy just after watching the BP. He lost the game before he even saw the map. He thought it would end with a death, but he couldn’t stop losing after playing. Very unhappy.

It makes us parents very sad to see our children like this!
Who can DYG deserve?