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Guo Jingjing Huo Qigangs grassland accompanying ba

Original title: Guo Jingjing

Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang's grassland accompanying baby, the family's five mouths at the concert show their simple style

Guo Jingjing had suffered bitterly when he was a child, so he was also diligent and frugal after marriage. Media reporters often photographed the couple to the cheap supermarket, wearing affordable clothes

> Even the children are in a state of poverty, but in major events, the two are very clear. It can be said that the love family has patriotism, which is the role model for the positive energy couples in the entertainment industry.

Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang's grassland accompanying baby, the family's five mouths at the concert show their simple style

Although the two husbands and wives are busy with work, there are many things to do, but they have never been absent from the children's companionship. Some dolls met Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang with their children to participate in the music a few days ago. The festival, the family is dressed very low -key, and the three children also followed Huo Qigang, sitting on the grass to drink mineral water, very well -behaved and polite

Guo Jingjing took a photo with the photographer, and there was no shelf. This excited the shooting person and excited all day that day.

Although the screen is not particularly clear, it can be seen that the couple are very attentive to their children. Huo Qigang personally takes care of the children and organizes things for the children. The clothes are very simple, and this family of five is really like.

Huo Qigang's love for Guo Jingjing is reflected in the details. During an interview, he would also call himself Guo Jingjing's husband. In the past, his wife dived to participate in the competition. In some details, he is even more clear than professional athletes

It can be said that like a person is really in his bones, and he sees Guo Jingjing's eyes full of love, a little fans, so the marriage of the two Very happy and sweet.

And Guo Jingjing is also Huo Qigang's help. She is diligent and frugal to hold her family, earnestly educate her children, and establish a very good image for Huo Qigang to help him go smoothly on his career. , Common achievements.

A person goes far or not, and the couple go far away, which is the core force of the family. Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang is a model for everyone to learn and the clear stream in the giants. Getting better and better.