2023-11-21 21:04:23

Chen Linjian traffic accident

Sudden News: Chen Linjian encountered a traffic accident and hurt his legs. This season may not be able to fight.

The Fujian Men's Basketball Team won 5 of them in the first 10 games, returned to the playoff area, and signed Chen Linjian, who signed the left -behind team. His contribution should not be underestimated.

As the number one character in our team, he has scored 19.4 points averaged this season, and the three -pointer hit 44.3%, which is a new high in his career.

Then, two days ago, he liked his cute baby daughter, everything went smoothly, it was a year of double joy ... Well, I really wish Chen Linjian, I hope he will return strong early, According to our golf reporter Zhao, the reporter, Chen Linjian encountered a traffic accident and his leg was injured. This season may not be able to participate.

Now the Fujian men's basketball team has won 5 games in 10 games, and returned to the playoff area. This is Chen Linjian's 12th season in the CBA. In the first stage, his current data is on the same field. 19.4 points, 48.5%of the shooting rate, 44.3%of the three -pointer hit rate, and 90.9%of the free throw rate, all of which are the pinnacle of his career.

I hope his situation will not be very serious, recover early!
Chen Linjian traffic accident Chen Linjian traffic accident