2023-11-21 20:46:46

Does Xiao Jun take a magnesium powder class?

A star who loves fans and treats them seriously can remember the choice questions that he had glanced at him at the signature meeting, and wrote it into a letter of thanks. This is Xiao Jun's story. At a signature meeting in Suzhou, a fan gave Xiao Jun a choice notebook. He chose "it is a wonderful life experience that can interact with the colorful love around the world." The next day, this sentence appeared on his Weibo in the same form. Many people think that the emotional relationship between fans and celebrities is usually unilaterally paid, but I am glad to meet a person who not only expresses generously, but also shows more caring through action. Seeing this detail and his choice, we can feel that we have been incorporated into his career and life and grow up together. Although it is uncertain in the future, we always have a sense of security from Xiao Jun.

I have been thinking about how Xiao Jun is so good at saying what fans want to hear. I know he is always sincere to fans, but he had not exactly the same way of getting along with fans before. Many people, including myself, also said that he has become more good at business. However, in the SC ending video tonight, I found the answer. Although some people may call this behavior "please fans", I think that the word is used to summarize all his care for fans too simple.

At the signing meeting, Xiao Jun always looked at the fans with a smile, spoke exciting words, and provided emotional value for his fans for giving a lot of time and energy to see his fans. He will take the initiative to do some fans to see the movements and active atmosphere. He would also take care of those fans who were blocked, waved to both sides, and proposed to take three photos, although this was not his own decision. But as a star, he has done his best.

I admit that I was influenced by his speech today, and his words made me immediately understand his intentions. I like to be awake, humble and ambitious stars. This seemingly reasonable character is particularly scarce in the era of the flood of the stars. And Xiao Jun not only has the strength of hardcore, but also has a consciousness that it deserves as a star. This is very rare, so I hope he can be seen by more people. As he said, sometimes it is not a problem, but a problem in the world. This world is really bad, there are many uncontrollable factors, and there is a bad company. However, there will be no regrets who like to try to understand and take care of fans. I am looking forward to showing his talents on a larger stage, hearing more songs, and seeing him more faces. "But do good things, don't ask the future." You just need to do what you want to do, what you should do, and leave the rest for time. Xiao Jun's future is still very long, and he will never stop there. (A urgent order acquisition of Wandehua) (KSOBERRR_LUV)

Does Xiao Jun take a magnesium powder class? Does Xiao Jun take a magnesium powder class? Does Xiao Jun take a magnesium powder class?