2023-11-21 20:35:31

Predited by Zhang Guimei's documentary

Her name is Zhang Guimei. Fifteen years ago, she opened a Lijiang Huaping Women's Senior High School in Yunnan.

After that, she devoted her wholeheartedly to the girls in the mountains in Dashan to walk out of the mountain village.

However, some people always question her, but Zhang Guimei understands the only way to make these girls truly free.

She wants these girls to truly grasp her destiny.

But I would like to ask, the movie "I'm Not a High Mountain", which was released on November 24, will be released according to the original plan? It is estimated to be hanging now.

The adaptation and response to the screenwriter really made people feel a little sincere.

Such a good subject matter was smashed.

Let's take a look at the documentary and interviews of Mr. Zhang Guimei, which can reflect the true spirit and soul of "I'm not a mountain".

Tribute to Mr. Zhang Guimei! I would like to ask again that since Mr. Zhang Guimei used this school as a benchmark to establish a good teacher's original intention, how about her students doing now? Did they really change their destiny? It stands to reason that even those who have graduated for so long, even if there are only a few back to help, Teacher Zhang will not fight alone for so many years, it looks particularly difficult.

Predited by Zhang Guimei's documentary