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Point with love as a camp

"Hello, I am the girl who will definitely treat you well.

No matter what reason you approach me, what help I want me, I will try my best to help you Realizing, I am willing to give everything to help you! "" I think you are my girlfriend and have nothing to do with others. As for whether you are my girlfriend, it is my personal decision.

" "Indeed, I have no other reason, and there is no plan.

" Now I heard the words that Shi Yan said to me. Can treat you sincerely.

Well ... the story of the show with love is pretty -the story between a gentle president and a financial reporter.

Can you tell me the last moment, how can the small banquet of Shijia call Zheng Shuyi? "I'm still a little grateful, and at the same time, I am a little uneasy ~" "You are my girlfriend, it really doesn't matter!" "Shi Yan, although maybe because my story is not perfect, I really like it You, I want to walk with you a period of unforgettable journey.

"In terms of actors, Shi Yan/played by Wang Hezheng, Zheng Shuyi/played by White Deer.

Speaking of them, we wrote a letter to the baby last year. I remember that he read the letter from Wang Hezhen at the time. Although everyone thought he would be a little shy, he read it very fluently with a serious tone.

Watching the message on the barrage "Don't read it! Don't open his sentence", it is really funny.

Now, he started to read a letter again. I really wanted to throw away the phone! So, do you want to hear the letter he wrote this year? I wonder what kind of desire he will have this year? First of all, from the perspective of the facial features, Wang Hexuan is a big feature, narrow face shape, simple but noble temperament.

Facial folding is extremely high, or even close to the proportion of 1: 1: 1, and this proportion is extremely rare among yellow people.

In addition, his outline is very beautiful, his forehead is full, the hairline is moderate, the proportion of the three courts and five eyes is perfect, and the eye position has just fallen on the golden segmentation line (the proportion of the eyes and now the eyes is 0.618) Essence

He has tall eyebrows and deep eye sockets, three -dimensional cheekbones and arches, but there is no expansion of the front. When there is no expression, it gives a cold feeling.

The lips are full, and the thickness ratio of the upper and lower lips is just right, reflecting his sexy charm.

And his pillow bone was very plump, the corners of the lower jaw line were also very high, and the side face looked very charming.

With a round nose, the whole person's temperament instantly changed from cold to softer.

His two eyes are not completely symmetrical, but are different, which also constitutes his unique personality characteristics.

I have to say that it is this appearance structure and layout that makes him soon make people forget.

Therefore, even if he has a standard handsome guy, he can leave a deep impression, which is also his charm.

Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp Point with love as a camp