2023-11-21 19:33:27

Lao Liu is not talking about love for love

Hey, I feel that their marriage is a bit heavy! Forget it, blame two sentences and quarrels, just look at it, then find someone to repair it. You can find some memories everywhere.

The most important thing is to be brave to face the future, otherwise the small details in life will accumulate more and will become a lot of pressure.

Usually people advise the abandoned person to relax and not be too tangled.

Tell him to accept the other party to leave, and he will have a new life. No one cares about the love and grievances he has paid silently here over the years.

This is our reality today, just like "Lao Liu", he thinks he should accept it honestly.

Mango TV, Youku, Cool Dog, QQ Music Member! Chasing variety show "Hello Saturday", "Living Life", "Broken Waves 2023", "Big Room Escape 5", "Cutting Things", "Flowers and Teenagers", "Our Songs", "Consisity with Love", "One Think of Guanshan", "Okay for a long time" "Love", "Happy Old Friends", etc. Watching "Flower Sha Shao" can allow you to take the detour for ten years. Wu Qianyu and Shi Boxiong are preparing for the wedding. Lao Liu said this is not for the sake of love, but it is really inseparable. When asked what was the most unwilling to happen, he directly answered that he didn't want to forget the appearance of Fu Shier. Fu Shier repeatedly asked Lao Liu's question. He still firmly said that this was his The answer, he also explained: "She may have a biased view of some things before, but I actually love her sincerely.
"Lao Liu really changed a lot, and became more frank and expressing love.

When asked what the most unwilling thing was, he said that he did not want to forget Fu Seoul's touch.

Although Fu Shier asked many times, he eventually replied to say, "This is what I do not want to happen." For this answer, he also added that I actually love her. Real feeling is not to speak love to say love.

Lao Liu is not talking about love for love Lao Liu is not talking about love for love