2023-11-21 19:07:47

National Football Team VS South Korea 23 people li

Original title: National Football Team VS South Korea 23 people List announced: Wu Lei PK Sun Xingzheng, can you grab a point at home?

Recently, the national football team and the South Korean team have announced the list of 23 people. Wu Lei and Sun Xingyi, who have received much attention, will confront them in this game. This game will be played at home football at home, so can the national football team grab a point at home?

First, let's analyze the lineup of both parties. In terms of national football, Wu Lei is undoubtedly the core of the team. He performed well in the recent game and contributed multiple goals to the team. In addition, there are many experienced veterans, such as Wu Xi and Zhang Linzheng, who will play a key role in the competition.

In the South Korean team, Sun Xingyi is the number one star of the team. He performed well in the Premier League and is a representative of Asian football. In addition, the South Korean team also has many players who play in the European League, such as Huang Xican, Li Zaicheng, etc. their strength should not be underestimated.

img src=https://img.shuziqushi.com/uploadwww/2023/20231121/1700564892-9690256.png-ys alt=国足VS韩国23人名单公布:武磊PK孙兴慜,主场能否抢得 one cent?

From the perspective of the strength of both sides, the South Korean team is undoubtedly better. However, the football game is full of uncertainty. The national football team fights at home and has the advantages of time and place. If the national football team can make full use of the home advantage and play its own characteristics, it is not impossible to grab a point.

In terms of tactics, the national football team should adopt the strategy of defensive counterattack, make full use of Wu Lei's speed and breakthrough ability, and find opportunities in counterattack. At the same time, the national football team also needs to strengthen defense, especially the defense of Sun Xingzhang to avoid giving him too much space and opportunities.

In general, the possibility of the national football team against the South Korean team at home still exists. However, the national football team needs to pay great efforts to achieve its own characteristics in order to achieve this goal. Let's look forward to the arrival of this game, cheer for the players of the two teams!