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Artist blessing video becomes an industry, the pri

Recently, a news that "many stars to Bai Yingcang's video of Bai Yingcang's video of Bai Yingcang in the four major families of northern Myanmar many years ago" caused heated discussions on the Internet. According to a reporter survey, the current recording blessing video of the artist seems to have become a mature industrial chain, and there are even detailed star price tables. From the ordinary version of tens of yuan, hundreds of yuan, to the star version of thousands of yuan, tens of thousands of yuan, Among them, it can also be customized, ranging from 200,000 to 1 million. However, some stores told reporters that due to the Burmese incident, many stars no longer take the videos of this type of blessing.

Artist blessing video becomes an industry, the price is as high as one million and needs to wait in line

The reporter consulted a shop on an e -commerce platform as a consumer. The store said that the price of blessing videos is also different according to the different prices of custom content. Compared with some ordinary videos, it can be sold hundreds of thousands. Professional private customization can even be sold for five -digit and six -digit high prices. In addition, the store also provided reporters with a "star price table". The list shows the names of multiple first -line well -known artists. The price marked behind the name ranges from thousands of yuan to 100,000 yuan. Among them, the highest price is 12.8 is 12.8. 10,000 yuan.

The store said that if the stars in the price table are not satisfied, they can also be customized privately. But customized prices are more expensive. "Head stars generally do not answer such videos. I now have a customer in my hand that bids millions, but is still waiting for a certain artist Fang Huier, and I am not sure that the other party is willing to pick it up." The store said.

But it also revealed to reporters that the Myanmar incident has made many artists no longer shoot such blessing videos.

Artist blessing video becomes an industry, the price is as high as one million and needs to wait in line

Single -part screenshot of the quotation

"At present, no one is really willing to record the blessing videos, recording a business is okay, and other business activities are generally no longer connected. I could pick up in the past one day. I could pick up in a day. Twenty or thirty calls are now at least half, "the store said.

But it is worth noting that the store told reporters that there are not many divisions that such blessing video artists can get. "The artist himself cannot get the money, basically the agent, or those who dock with him to divide away."

In recent years, in the promotional videos of many small and medium -sized enterprises and micro -business, they often Star blessings videos, such as annual meeting, opening, China Merchants, etc. Even many people's wedding banquets and birthday banquets will have a blessing video of celebrity artists.

In this regard, some people in the industry believe that if the stars mention the corporate brand in the video and form a publicity effect, it will become a disguised advertisement, and it should be included in the management category of the advertising law. For the previous celebrities, the celebrities suspected to be a blessing for the celebration of the members of the electrical fraud family? Some lawyers said that if the stars in the video know about illegal business such as electrical fraud, they may be suspected of illegal.

(Positive Guan Journalist Wang Yanming)