2023-11-21 19:01:19

Fake monks seduce 14 women and 3 women are sentenc

Recently, the Baicheng Intermediate Court of Jilin Province has made a decision on the first instance of cases of organizing, leadership, participating in triad organizations, robbery, and rape.

Among them, Wei Gang was sentenced to life imprisonment, depriving political rights and confiscation of all property.

The surging news learned from the court's document that after careful trial, the Baicheng Intermediate Court confirmed the crime of Wei Gang and others.

They used religious places to show "magical abilities" at the Fa Conference to deceive a large number of people and obtain a lot of money benefits through organizational fraud.

At the same time, they also used violence, threats and other means to continue illegal activities such as provoking trouble, illegal detention and settlement, hurting ordinary people, bullying people.

This has formed a tightly organized, well -rated, and clear underworld organization led by Wei Gang.

The court also investigated that Wei Gang used feudal superstition to seduce 14 women in sexual relationships, and three of them were minors at the time of the crime, and the youngest was even in elementary school.

In addition, Wei Gang also accepted several local officials such as Cai Jingchen, deputy mayor of Laonan City at that time, and Zhang Wenju, director of the Development and Reform Bureau of the Dannan City. Give up to believe in Marxism and believe in ghosts. These local officials even worshiped Wei Gang in front of the public and called him "grandfather", which caused the impact of the entire society to be very bad and severely damaged the political ecological environment of Pusinno.

Fake monks seduce 14 women and 3 women are sentenced to life -long Fake monks seduce 14 women and 3 women are sentenced to life -long