2023-11-21 18:58:38

The air ticket from Ningbo to Jeju Island is as lo

According to domestic media reports, some netizens broke the news that Ningbo, Zhejiang, has recently flying to Jeju Island, South Korea. It only costs 9 yuan.

After the actual inquiry, it is found that the 9 yuan outbound ticket is real, not only the Ningbo to the Jeju routes in South Korea. fly.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the airline company told the media that this is a promotional activity of the off -season, but the 9 yuan is only naked ticket price, and the amount of taxes and luggage is required. Essence

The air ticket from Ningbo to Jeju Island is as low as 9 yuan, netizens are amazed: the airline company bluntly loses the money, this time I believe

Such cheap outbound tickets have also aroused heated discussion among netizens: "The excuse for going abroad with no money now is not appropriate. "It is cheap", "The airline has always said to lose money, I finally believe it", "The price of ticket money, why do the flight still fly?"

According to previous reports, after the Mid -Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in China, it is in the off -season of the tourism for a while, especially after the National Day holiday, the number of travelers has declined sharply and the seat rate is low.

Airlines generally reduce the price of air tickets at this time, and there are even some tickets of less than 100 yuan. At this time, if there is a travel plan, a single ticket can enjoy a lot of benefits.