2023-11-21 03:22:55

Customer scanning the code and ordering the court

Recently, the Beijing Third Intermediate People's Court introduced an incident that the restaurant forced customers to scan the code to get a meal to get personal information and cannot be deleted.

In July 2021, when Kong had a meal at a catering company, the waiter did not tell him that he could actually order manually.

Kong completed the order and payment through the code scanning method launched by the company.

During this period, Kong's personal information was obtained by the merchant, and he was forced to pay attention to the company's WeChat public account and registered as a member.

Therefore, Kongmou brought the company to the court and asked the court to stop their acts of infringing their personal information rights and apologized to exchange his losses.

After hearing, the court believed that when Kong was dining, the service staff did not mention that they could order food artificially, which made Kong Mou mistakenly think that he could only scan the code to order.

The code scanning and ordering procedure requires that the merchant WeChat public account must be paid to the merchant, and they need to authorize them to obtain the relevant information of Kongmou. This method is actually forced to obtain the personal information of consumers. Therefore, the behavior of the catering company's behavior A row of human rights.

In summary, the court determined that the company wanted to delete Kong's personal information, and then wrote a letter to tell Kongmou how they would handle and use his personal information. It is also necessary to compensate Kong's notarization cost of 5,000 yuan for preserved evidence.

I personally think this is very inspiring.

Now we go to the restaurant for dinner. Generally, we have to scan the code first to pay attention to ordering. We will also ask the waiter, can we order meals manually? But they usually answer, and they can order the code.

After dinner, although we have canceled their attention, we can still receive the push from the merchant, but we still cannot relieve our membership status. Obviously, our personal privacy has been secretly obtained by the merchant and bound members. Essence

Many people don't care much about this, but this does not deny that the behavior of the merchant really infringes the rights and interests of customers.

This case sounded the alarm for us. It turned out that while we enjoyed convenience, we were actually being infringed.

In the future, we will scan the code to order and order, and we have to pay attention to protect our privacy.

Customer scanning the code and ordering the court to judge the merchant to pay 5000