2023-11-21 03:10:57

Jiang Xuening's deep pain of love

Jiang Xuening pays more about feelings, the deeper the pain.

I couldn't
Jiang Xuening knew that Master Chen told her that Zhang Zhe's mother died of the old illness on the heavy snowy day. Although the time was a bit different, she encountered the situation of heavy snow again, making her feel that she felt sherself felt that she felt that she was wrong. There is no resistance in the face of fate. Even if there are some things, even if you come back again, the results still cannot be changed.

She believes that if she did not let Zhang Zu to investigate the case, Zhang Zu's mother would not die, but she would fall into the same reincarnation of the same destiny.

Although there is a gap in white porcelain, it is difficult to become a perfect state, and it becomes an irreplaceable gap in her heart.

She is timid to play her heartbeat with Zhang Zang's life. Since the Yan family was exiled to the North Wilderness, every thing she changed seems to have changed, but in the end, she has not changed come over.

with Zhang Zang, she knows that the ending of Zhang Zu's mother is always in her heart that she will never make up for pain, and she will also worry about whether Zhang Zu will have a bad ending like the last life.

When Jiang Xuening was crying, I was deeply moved. Listening to Zhang Zu said to her as the same thing as the last life, her inner pain can be imagined.

Obviously the two of them love each other, but they are destined to only miss it. She said, "I missed such a good man, and I should never find a better person than him in the future." I really listen to it. He burst into tears.



The tears of tonight are almost dry for them! Intersection Frankly speaking, I am really curious why the current TV series can not be touched by the rebirth of the rebirth ... There are also dramas that forcibly make dreams like "There are dark fragrances" ... The setting is excellent and compact! If everything can be explained clearly, then the tragedy of the two of them can become particularly beautiful, and it can also reflect a complete feeling ... Now really makes people feel distressed ...