2023-11-21 02:47:46

Wake up the dishes you make

Brother Xing, can you add me? If you go smoothly, we can cook together, go to Suzhou to eat crabs, go to Qingdao to blow sea breeze, or go to Guangxi to eat snail powder, and we can go to Disney to watch fireworks, take a plane to Yimeng Mountain to watch the sunrise and sunset, go to Xinjiang to eat a skewers Children, go to Beijing for roast duck, go to the northeast to eat chicken racks, go to Chongqing to eat hot pot, go to Shaanxi to eat soaked ravioli, go to Wuhan to eat hot and dry noodles, so that we can have a happy life.

Oh, if it is not smooth, then I will send it to Brother Crab. As an excellent rapper, wake up is very its own style. The sound, flow, vibe, attitude, and tone are very charm. Moreover, he likes to play with personality and adventure, and the rhythm is free but not scattered.

When I called to the camera and made Su Su be confident, and when I looked at my face value, the host and sister said to us seriously, "Yes, you should praise him, because he is in This aspect is really not confident enough.

"Therefore, when we see his efforts and progress on makeup, can we have less habitual criticism and give him more encouragement? I really can't stand those remarks that say that his clothes are well dressed.

Wake up the dishes you make