2023-11-21 02:39:06

RW battle LGD

The second round of the KPL selection trials D3RW Heroes-King Glory won the first game! The best player is Langbo RW Xia's smile! In just 4 minutes, LGDNBW-Earlier Ig flashed chasing and collected Lian Po, successfully won the first drop of blood.

After, Hangzhou LGD.NBW took the lead in winning the outer tower of the lower road.

Hangzhou LGD.NBW continued to expand its economic advantages and stabilized. In 9 minutes, all the two towers were successfully broken.

Then, at 9:30, the two parties at the Lanye District played against each other, but Jinan RW Xia temporarily curbed the opponent's offense.

After 10 minutes, Jinan RW Xia successfully grabbed the shadow tyrant, 12 points and a half, and half of the RW Xiahua Cloud Slims joined forces to kill the tears, and then Jinan RW Xia successfully broke Chinese and foreign again. The tower, and once again won the master of the shadow, breaking all the two towers.

In 14 minutes, the RW Xia Wushuang mirror under the lower highland tower fell into Telie, and then Jinan RW Xia continued to break the highland tower of the middle and lower roads.

Finally, Huayun Slims attacked again, achieving two consecutive breaks. After the Jinan RW Xia Zero changed three, he went straight to the crystal and successfully won.

The head coach Xuan Kai said: "This victory can be said to be very important. In the previous two games, we lost to each other with 0: 2 and felt very frustrated."

"We performed very well in the training competition, and we may be blinded by the training match. We did not adjust the proportion of lines and team battles."

"The key is to look at ourselves. After all, there are many newcomers in our team, and they may be a little anxious and look a little impetuous."

"The training time is relatively early, and the two substitutes are also trained with us, but it is too late to adjust at all in BO2, so we can only rotate the players."

"We often joke and say that if you don't play, everyone is a rich man."

"We are really hard, and there are no holidays. What I want to say is that when others do not believe us, we have to go out of a brand new path, that is, the road of RW Xia" Essence

RW battle LGD RW battle LGD RW battle LGD RW battle LGD RW battle LGD