2023-11-19 18:59:19

The Tianjin Fund Assistance Incident: I have appli

On November 19, Tianjin. Zhu Tianjin's student -assistant parties Zhu issued a post saying that the online violence had applied for a suspension.

The ex -school application of the suspension of school is on November 16. The content shows that I am Zhu Wang, who is now a student at the 21st Xin'an Class of Tianjin China University of Applied Technology. Almost collapsed, suicide tendency has been repeated, and he cannot concentrate on his studies for the time being. Now applying for a break from Tianjin Sino -German University of Applied Technology for self -conditioning. After the spirit is stable, continue to return to school. After completing the academic studies, the leaders of the school are allowed to approve.

Earlier, on November 15th, the Tianjin Fund Assistance Party Seng Ya Shi Yafa Video responded to the live broadcast of 600,000 to earn 600,000. I live a total of twice, I did not start a reward for the first time, and the second reward for the second time. The actual income of Douyin live reward is 4298 yuan.

The video also mentioned that Station B and Weibo did not refund all the charging and appreciation before he issued a statement of refusal donation, and he will donate together. A total of 22,406 yuan related to creative income during station B, Weibo appreciated a total of 17,459 yuan, a total of 0.06 yuan for fast hand, and finally added Douyin's money, which was integrated for 44,320 yuan. These are all the income in the past two months. At present, all of these money have been donated to Hanmen students on the Alipay public welfare platform. At the end of the video, I also said that I would like to thank the school for their daily life and the protection of personal safety during this time.

The Tianjin Fund Assistance Incident: I have applied for a break