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The balance of 300 yuan becomes 330,000 uncle busy

The accidental wealth attracted the police and the people to join forces. Yuan. The old man was doubtful and immediately called the police for help. After careful investigation by the police, the truth of the mysterious money was finally revealed.
One day, a SMS from Hu Lin received a text message from the bank and found that the balance of his card from less than 400 yuan has increased to more than 330,000 yuan. The old man was very surprised. No one called for 2 hours to explain the source of the money. The puzzled old man decided to call the police and hoped that the police could help him find out the truth.
After receiving the alarm, the police quickly launched an investigation. They checked the elderly account through the online bank APP and found that there were indeed more than 330,000 yuan. To further understand the situation, the police asked the old man's wife. After recalling, the old man said that he had purchased 300,000 yuan of government bonds 300,000 yuan three years ago, and it has expired now. The bank put even the money with the profit into the old man's account.
It turns out that this amount is not an unexpected fortune, but the return that the old man had invested. After learning the truth, the old man's heart landed and thanked the police for his help. The police also comforted the elderly and told him that he would call the police in time in time when he encountered similar situations to avoid trouble to himself and his family. The balance of 300 yuan becomes 330,000 uncle alert the police

The balance of 300 yuan becomes 330,000 uncle busy calling the police