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Guo Fucheng has an accident and was forced to reti

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 11 that Guo Fucheng's final collision after the last day in the Macau Racing Race the previous day, but it was unexpectedly hit twice in the official game yesterday. Lost the ground to continue the game. Unfortunately, the female mainland female carrier's brake was too late to hit the tail, and was eventually forced to give up the game. Guo Fucheng, who passed with the trophy, also shouted: "SXXT!" Guo Fucheng played by the Yangtze Casino, participated in the R8 LMS Cup as a famous German car factory as an amateur. After the ten rounds of the early years, Guo Fucheng ranked third in the total score of the non -professional group. Saw warfare, fighting for the third place's throne.

B Ma Qingyang won the first place/b

The day before, Guo Fucheng had a hit accident at a hairpin. During the circle, because of Tianyu's relationship, he hit the bar slightly in Lisboa. Finally, he died that Zhang Ran had no time to brake from the back and hit the rear of Guo Fucheng, making the two unable to complete the event. Guo Fucheng's front lamp, back mirror and rear of the right side were hit. In the end, the non -professional group won the first place by Ma Qingyang, the descendant of the Dasheng Bank family.

After the accident, when Guo Fucheng watched the recording of the recording of the game, he shouted: "SXXT!" Guo Fucheng lamented that he was expected to take the third place when he was interviewed, but he lost his experience: "My time myself Yes, if the ground is dry, I think I have the opportunity to win the third place. I have chased two cars in the sixth circle, but I am not experienced in Lisboa. , Deal with it yourself too late. "

B may not participate in the next year/b

Guo Fucheng also pointed out that he was going to win the mistake. Unfortunately, the brake was not too late. When turning, he was impulse to hit the car. He accidentally hit him because of the female driver who followed him, which made him unable to continue the game. Unfortunately, he could not complete the event and the podium on the podium, but fortunately no injuries. Asked Guo Fucheng, will he make persistent efforts next year? He said it was difficult to say, because the work schedule of next year was full.

Last night, Guo Fucheng had more than a hundred drivers and staff attended the celebration party. Some people introduced the female driver named Zhang Ran to know Guo Fucheng. He said with a smile: "Today is you hit my ass . "I hit my butt twice and showed coquettishness.

Although Guo Fucheng drank hatred in the competition yesterday, he awarded the non -professional Junior Army to Guo Fucheng in the party.

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