2023-11-19 17:09:33

Inquiry of continuous decline in Poyang Lake water

Poyang Lake's water level continues to decline in Poyang Lake area of less than 1,000 square kilometers According to the monitoring of the Jiangxi Provincial Hydrological Monitoring Center, at 8 am on November 19th, Poyang Lake iconic hydrological station Xingzi Station water level was 10.52 meters, a decrease of 0.23 meters from yesterday. The area of the Huotong River was reduced to 893 square kilometers. It is understood that Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in my country, is a seasonal, throughput lake, known as "the flood in summer and the first line of dry water in winter". Starting from the 18th, the area of Poyang Lake was officially reduced to less than 1,000 square kilometers. At present, Poyang Lake volume is 1.9 billion cubic meters (more than 1.21 billion cubic meters last year), a decrease of 134 million cubic meters from the 18th. According to the meteorological department, the rainfall in Jiangxi is too small in the short term, and the water level of Poyang Lake will continue to decline. (CCTV Finance)