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Prosecutor Kunming official? After the man grabbed

"Regulations on Kunming Civilization Watching Red -Mill Gull"

clearly implemented on November 1st Punishment

was caught by a man last week

A man was arrested for taking a photo of the seagull

Kunming police notified:

The man involved was found, Will face a fine of 500 yuan

(Previously reported: Kunming Police: The man involved has been found, fined!)

"Seagulls dived down from the sky at 45 degrees and bit my finger After that, the man posted a video on social media, explaining that the seagulls bit him first, and he caught the seagulls, and claimed that he had to justify himself through legal means.

The video screenshot posted by the man involved

The man also released the picture of the gulls that day, and the text: Life is more than just in front of you, but also everyone's misunderstandings (I "hurt" the seagull, it bit me).

Video screenshot released by the man involved in the man

In the video released by the parties

Red Mouth Gull has been in his hands

It was not until the "line" was finished and got away


Many netizens did not agree with the explanation of men. Many netizens said that for decades, they have never heard of the fact that seagulls have taken the initiative to attack people. If they were not caught, they would not be able to bite people at all.

Lawyer: The man has the right to prosecute, wait for the court to make a fair judgment

In addition, the man is punished by the man. According to the recognition, the administrative prosecution was also written. The man believed that the punishment did not match the facts, which caused him to suffer from Internet storms and abuse, asking the defendant to publicly apologize and compensate. In this regard, lawyers said that citizens have the right to filed a lawsuit on administrative penalties involving their rights and interests, and no unit or individual can interfere.

Video screenshots posted by the man involved

"We only see the complaint of administrative lawsuits, as for the court's acceptance, and what kind of trial will the court make in the last court to make a trial in the last court. This is a procedure that requires administrative lawsuits. "Yang Xiaomin, a lawyer of Lingyun Law Firm in Yunnan. A legal constraint is generated, which stipulates that it is to guide everyone to watch gulls. It also calls on everyone to love and protect red -mouth gulls.

Prosecutor Kunming official? After the man grabbed the gull and was fined, the video called

"Regulations on the Civilization of Civilization of Kunming City"


Source: "80999999 "WeChat public account, Palm Spring City

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second instance: Dai Jiaoyang

3rd Trial: Ji Xianghu

Final Anti -Trial: Li Xingzheng