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400,000 men redeemed from Myanmar complained why I

According to Red Star News: Ms. Chen (pseudonym) still failed to fully compact Panasonic's tight heart string after her brother returned from Myanmar.

On October 24, Ms. Chen revealed to the Red Star journalist that in order to rescue her brother Xiao Chen (pseudonym) in Myanmar Telecom Fraud Park, the whole family cost 400,000 yuan, but returned to the domestic Xiao Chen It seems that "some abnormalities" even expressed "dislike" about their rescue.

In recent days, Ms. Chen frequently woke up in her dreams and dreamed that her younger brother returned to overseas to engage in electrical fraud.

The "return" problem worried by Ms. Chen does exist in the scam involving Myanmar.

On September 12, according to the person in charge of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security, since last year, the Ministry of Public Security has successfully arrested more than 56,000 criminal suspects abroad on the basis of previous analysis.

Mr. Wang, Chinese, who participated in the rescue of Xiao Chen, told Red Star Journalist in the Chinese Chinese that in the rescue objects he had contacted, there were many cases of participating in the electrical fraud park after returning home.

Before, Red Star News reported a series of reports on the multinational criminal activities involving northern Myanmar, and once concluded by sorting out relevant research, participants of multinational telecommunications fraud generally have a "low age, low -income, and low education" " Three lows "feature.

"Make fast money" is one of the main driving forces that attract these people to participate in transnational crimes.

So, how to eliminate the "heart addiction" of "electricity profits", so that these young people who have mistakenly come back can return to the normal social order? Today, a large number of people suspected of participating in fraud have been rescued, and these practical issues need to be concerned.

On November 14, an expert dedicated to the research of electrical fraud pointed out in an interview that to solve the problems encountered by these people who are vulnerable to fraud, they should further improve the comprehensive social governance measures, such as improvement The community help system, increase the employment support of former subjects, etc.

400,000 men redeemed from Myanmar complained why I returned me back