2023-10-20 21:45:30

The pharmacy guides the boys to take medicine and

Instructing boys to take drugs to cause poisoning pharmacies to stop business and rectify on October 18th, Ankang, Shaanxi. The 4 -year -old boy had a history of fever and auspiciousness. Ms. Chen bought sodium propyate tablets at home near home, and according to the pharmacy clerk to feed the child 6 tablets, resulting in sodium propyate poisoning. Know that you only need to take half a piece. Because sodium propyate is a psychiatric department, it can only be purchased at public hospitals and specialist hospitals above the second level, and under the guidance of doctors' opening and prescriptions. At present Starting an investigation, Ms. Chen, the parent of the boy, told Hubei Reporter that the pharmacy involved has also been asked to close and stop business. Boys according to the pharmacies' instructions to purchase medicines and take dosage poisoning @男 男 男 男