2023-10-20 21:26:31

Guangdong notified women after giving birth to die

Guangdong: Women's death dies

Jieyang released the official micro -news, the People's Government of Xichang Town reported that at 6 am on October 16th, a woman found a woman in Lianxing Garden Community, Xichang Town. Falling. Medical staff arrived at the scene to rescue the invalid death. After the on -site survey, autopsy and investigation of the public security organs, the woman was in line with the death of high fall and eliminated his killing.

The family members of the deceased had no objection to the conclusion of the investigation.

Remind the masses to respect the deceased and their families, do not believe in rumors and rumors. For malicious rumors, rumors and aggregation, public security organs will deal with it according to law.
Guangdong notified women after giving birth to died