2023-10-20 18:59:47

Newcomers will not be able to take a big red and h

Okay, the new people choose not to have a wedding, take the red and happy characters traveling around, and use the mountains and rivers as the hiring, the heaven and earth as the media, the sun and the moon. They hope that mountains, rivers and lakes will witness their ordinary and strong feelings. Netizen comments: This is too romantic!

There are four words called: honeymoon travel.

The man does not have a gift, the woman does not need to have a dowry, and the marriage ceremony is not held, eliminating the process of delaying things and waste of money. When buying a house and a car, half of the men and women are out of each other, and no one takes advantage of anyone. There are two children, one with the surname of his father, and the other with his mother. Various living expenses AA systems, do not owe each other, do not find each other for money. They support their parents and are independent. Do not live with any parents. On the New Year, find their parents. Are you willing to try such a marriage model?

Newcomers will not be able to take a big red and happy characters traveling around