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The reporter noticed that the driver wore headphones and turned his head to look at the phone screen from time to time during the vehicle driving. Video source: Hainan Daily WeChat public account (01:04)

On January 18, some netizens posted on a forum that the 23 bus driver from Haitang Bay to the city watched the video when driving. This post is also equipped with videos, which has attracted the attention of netizens. Netizens have reposted and expressed dissatisfaction with the driving behavior of the driver.

After investigation 869, the video was shot on January 18th, Sanya City, Sanya City. The relevant person in charge of the Sanya Haitang Bay Public Transport Co., Ltd., who was involved in the driver Li, said that according to relevant regulations, the company had imposed a penalty of Li Mou.

Netizen: When the bus driver drives the mobile phone

Post posted posts posted by netizens, the 23 bus driver from Haitang Bay to the urban area of Sanya, wearing a headset to watch mobile TV series while driving The same is true, there are three frightened expressions behind this text. In the two videos with this post, the reporter can clearly see that the vehicle at that time was driving through the road outside the car and the driver. One of the videos showed that the vehicle was driving on the ordinary highway, and the other video showed that driving was driving on the driving on On the highway.

When drivers involved in driving a bus on ordinary roads, they turned to look at the mobile phone.
When the driver involved in driving the bus on the highway, he turned his head to look at the mobile phone.

In the video, the reporter noticed that a mobile phone was placed on the left side of the instrument panel of the cabin with a charging cable and headset. On the screen of the mobile phone, even the vehicle is driving at high speeds at high speeds.

The post finally said: "Remind him to know how to go back to me. Our driver must wear headphones in the afternoon to listen to songs, and I didn’t watch the video. Look. "

In response, some netizens forwarded in the circle of friends and were equipped with comments such as "too much of the life of a car".

The reporter learned that the starting point of Sanya 23 was Phoenix Island to Nantian Farm. The shooting time of the video was at 3 pm on January 18th. At that time, the bus driver involved was driving a bus from Haitang Bay to the urban area.

Driver: Listen to the song with your mobile phone, did not watch the TV series

"After learning about this afternoon, we immediately notified the driver involved in the company to be investigated." Sanya Haitang Bay Public Transport Co., Ltd. The person in charge said that the driver Li, an involved, explained to them that at that time, he did not use his mobile phone to watch TV series, but because of the time, his body was a little fatigue. In order to be able to drive normally, he used the song to stimulate himself.

The person in charge also said that for this matter, the company retrieved the vehicle monitoring video of bus 23. However, whether it is a video taken by netizens or the car monitoring video retrieved by the company, it is unclear whether the driver involved is watching TV series with his mobile phone. "But in the video, we did find that the driver Li was wearing headphones during driving, and from time to time, he turned to look at the mobile phone screen."

The person in charge said that the driver Li was when he was driving a bus. Listening to the song from time to time is not allowed to watch the mobile phone screen. According to relevant regulations, Li's behavior belongs to violations of driving behavior, and the company has expelled him. In addition, the company will take this as an example to inform other drivers not to drive in violation of regulations and ensure driving safety. (Original title: The driver of Sanya 1 bus was exposed to the phone when driving to watch the phone, the company responded: it has been fired)