2023-10-20 17:24:46

I accidentally saw the grandfathers online shoppin

If you do n’t take your grandfather to Jingdezhen, will your grandfather be a surname Aixinjueluo?

Grandpa really can play mobile phones, and he can play smartphones, but you will not buy online. Inadvertently saw his online shopping record, you can set your phone to youth mode.

My grandfather is in his 70s. Recently, I learned online shopping and could not stop buying and buying. Looking at his mobile phone today, there are more than 80 pieces to be received! My mother also bought this crazy. The whole family does not know what to do, and there are any places to control them.

My dad is opposed to online shopping and quarreled. He has been more than seventy. Recently, he learned to buy online and bought it crazy. Today, he used his mobile phone to see that there were more than 80 pieces to be received.

In summary, our family is in a frenzy of online shopping, and we need to find the grandfather and mother of the local management.