2023-10-20 14:56:06

Womens Tucao high -speed rail business seat 200g g

The woman spit out the grapes on the high -speed rail 60 yuan only 200 grams: I thought the business seat fruit had bought fruit on the high -speed rail for free. Recently, Chengdu, Sichuan. When the woman took the high -speed rail business seat, the fruit thought that the fruit was free. Please ask the flight attendant to help took a box of "Sunshine Rose" grapes and was told that the price was 60 yuan. The parties Ms. Zhao said that lunch, drinks, snacks, etc. brought by the flight attendants after getting on the bus are free. After dinner, the flight attendant asked the child what fruit wanted to eat and chose grape herself. The flight attendant washed the grapes and took it over to say a box of 60 yuan, so he realized that it was a charge. I was prepared, but I was washed, so I bought it. Grape children ate 3 pieces. After returning home, they called less than 200 grams. They felt that it was too expensive to buy 200 grams of sunshine roses at 60 yuan. (White Deer Video)