2023-10-20 13:07:29

One taxi driver was beaten in Shanghai Central Ele

One taxi driver was beaten in Shanghai Central Elevated, and the man involved was sentenced to being sentenced Screenshot of the Internet Video

Dongfang.com reporter Xue Ningwei reported on October 20: According to Weibo@[[[吧 _ Changning's police report, October 19, 2023 At 15 o'clock on the day, the Changning Public Security Branch received the taxi driver Mao Mao's alarm, saying that he was beaten by others on the Ergrome of Beizhai Road in the Central Circles, and the beaten person had fled the scene. After receiving the report, the police quickly arrested the suspect Li (male, 35 years old).

After investigation, Li was dissatisfied because he believed that Mao had suddenly changed the road when he drove the vehicle and affected his normal driving. Then he drove Mao and forced Mao's vehicle to stop at the site. After the two sides got out of the car, Li had a mouthful, and Li immediately fixed Mao to the ground. After being inspected by the hospital, Mao Mou's face was abraded in multiple soft tissue.

At present, Li has been criminally detained by the police in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation.