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Why do village cadres frequently urge the new farm

Hello everyone, I am your headline editor. I just got a news that a village has frequently urged the inside story of the new rural harmony to tell us. Don't miss this heavy news! Don't forget to press the follow button!

Entering the topic, we all know that Xinnonghe is a social security system in our rural areas. It provides medical protection for our villagers, which can be said to be very important. However, have you ever thought about why the villagers are always so anxious to urge everyone to pay the cost of new rural coordinates?

Why do village cadres frequently urge the new farmers?

Today, through a special interview, we came into contact with a village dry, and he finally gathered the courage to tell the inside story. The village hopes that more people can understand the real situation behind them. So, what did he say?

First of all, he said that the expenses of village -to -new agricultural coordinations were not due to their own selfishness, but for the welfare of the villagers. The normal operation of Xinnonghe requires sufficient financial support, and the payment fee is part of it. If everyone does not pay, there will be problems with the capital chain, resulting in our medical security cannot be provided normally. This is a huge threat for the health of the villagers.

Why do village cadres frequently urge the new farmers?

Second, he emphasized the strict implementation of the policy. According to relevant regulations, each villager shall pay the new rural conjunction costs on time. If someone is arrears or is overdue, the consequences of delay in payout and delay in payments will be faced. In order to maintain the fairness and authority of the system, the villagers must actively urge everyone to pay the fees on time, otherwise the responsibilities will be borne by them.

In the end, the village also revealed to us the words behind the pressure. He said that as a village, they shouldered the responsibility of maintaining the stability of the village and the welfare of the villagers, but they were often complained and misunderstood by the villagers. They need to face various difficulties, and no one sees their hard work. The cost of urging the new rural co -cost is only part of their work, but often becomes the object of discharge of the villagers' dissatisfaction with them.

During the interview, the village fought from the heart to hope that everyone could understand their work, work together with them, and fulfill their responsibilities for the development of the village. He said that the cost of urging the new agricultural coordinates of the village is not to increase the burden on everyone, but to protect the health rights and interests of each of us.

Why do village cadres frequently urge the new farmers?

We should give enough respect and understanding of the real voice of the village. It is precisely because of their efforts that we can get better medical protection and enjoy a higher quality life.

Okay, the above is the content of today's breaking news. I believe that through this interview, we have a deeper understanding of the actions of the village's frequent urging Xinnonghe. Please also actively cooperate with the work of the village, pay the new rural conjunction costs on time, and escort the health of yourself and his family. Remember to press the follow button to get more exclusive reports in time!

Note: The above content is creation. It is not real facts. Do not treat it as a news report.

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