2023-10-20 08:42:22

What is the rights and interests of employees?

RT -Mart responded to female employees to be expelled for the danger of taking care of the disease in danger: the annual leave is only ten days, and she has been absent for more than forty days!

According to@[[: Recently, Ms. Yu said that she worked in a RT -Mart supermarket in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Because her father was in critical condition, she asked for ten days to take care of her hometown.

After returning home, she couldn't walk away, but the company did not give the renewal. The holidays did not return to the job during the holidays.

Manager Yu of the Ministry of Manager of the Supermarket said that Ms. Yu did not go to work for more than 40 days, and the company stipulated that employees could only ask for a vacation for ten days a year.

Ms. Yu explained that she started leave from January 2nd. Before she suffered from a new crown, it was manager Yu arranged for her rest.

At present, RT -Mart Supermarket fired Ms. Yu on the grounds of absenteeism.

Ms. Yu asked for compensation, and both parties were waiting for the arbitration of the labor department. (Editor in charge: Zhou Jingjing CN032)