2023-10-18 10:44:34

Don’t panic when encountering vicious dogs, profes

On October 16, a girl was attacked by a large dog in the Hengda Xichen Oasis Community in Yangma Street, Chongzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, causing kidney contusion and laceration, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

According to a video posted online, a woman leading a young child encountered a large black dog in the community and suddenly attacked the mother and daughter. The woman tried to protect the child and drove the black dog away, but The black dog did not stop attacking and bit the girl who fell to the ground. This scene made countless netizens worried.

When encountering a strange dog on the road, how to determine whether it is likely to attack? How to avoid being attacked and bitten if a strange dog is aggressive? Xiaoxiang Morning News (reporter WeChat: xxcbbaoliao) interviewed Wu Weibing, the principal of Changsha Jiabao Dog Training School.

How to tell if a dog may be aggressive?

Wu Weibing said, "When you encounter a strange dog on the road, see if its attention is on you. If it stands still and stares at you closely and follows you, this is A behavior of locking on prey and preparing to attack indicates that it may attack next.

In addition, behavioral states such as "the hair on the back stands up", "tail pinching" and "roaring" all indicate that the dog Possible aggression.

Can you scare away a dog after being "locked on" to it?

If you are "locked" by a strange dog and you cannot look into its eyes at this time, you can stand still and hold your breath or breathe slowly and wait for it to leave.

In particular, you must not scream, hide, or run. Such behaviors will further stimulate the dog and cause it to attack. "Staying still, like a tree, the likelihood of it attacking and biting is relatively small."

What should you do if a dog is lunging at you?

How to protect yourself if a dog has pounced on you? In addition to standing still as mentioned above, if you have something on your hand such as a mineral water bottle, you can throw it away to distract the dog. "There is also a popular method of bending down and pretending to pick up stones. This method may be effective for native dogs. It is also a method, but it is not absolute." Wu Weibing said.

If you are bitten by a dog, what should you do to make it let go?

In the video posted online, the woman tried to drive away the black dog, but the black dog did not let go and instead continued to bite the girl. This scene shocked many netizens. Wu Weibing said that if a dog has bitten it, it will be difficult to let it go without professionals or the owner. If the owner has a leash, you can use the rope to lift its waist or neck to loosen it, or you can slap the dog's nose hard to loosen it

"If it is a strange dog, you cannot If you hit someone rashly with the palm of your hand, you can use some tools, such as a stick or a backpack, etc., and hit the nose. If you hit other parts, the cat will avoid it but will not let go. Instead, it will tear the bite wound, causing If the injury is more serious, or if you spray your nose with perfume, toilet water, etc., you may be able to make it loosen its mouth. But the above is only a possibility, so try to protect yourself before it attacks. Once it bites, it will be difficult to let go."

Wu Weibing reminded that if you encounter a strange dog without its owner on the road, or without the owner’s consent, don’t tease it hastily, “If you have friends who like dogs, if you see a dog on the road and want to pet it, you must think twice before you act! ”

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wang Qian