2023-09-23 15:53:01

Girls claim that their parents have raised their a

[P] . Original title: A girl claims that her parents raised her age by 4 years, which affected her employment. She is often ridiculed by her classmates for going to school due to age issues

September 21st, Baiyin, Gansu. A girl claimed to be a fresh student this year, but her parents raised her age by 4 years, which caused concern for her employment. The party involved, Xiao Chen, claimed that he was actually born in 1999 and has a brother who is 97 years old. For some reasons, when parents registered their household registration, they changed their birth year to 95 and their brother's to 99.

When I was a child, I was often ridiculed by my classmates due to age issues. After graduating this year, I was also shown to be 28 years old on my ID card. Although I submitted multiple resumes, they were all rejected for various reasons. It is speculated that the company may be considering marriage and childbirth issues at the age of 28 and unwilling to accept them.

I really want to apply for a state-owned enterprise, but the recruitment restrictions for state-owned enterprises are limited to those born in or after 1998. I tried to apply for a resume but failed. I have also consulted with the local police station regarding this matter to inquire if it is possible to correct the age. However, as I did not have a birth certificate, I did not attend kindergarten or receive vaccinations when I was a child. The staff stated that I cannot modify it without relevant proof. I feel that my parents are very irresponsible before posting it online, and I also hope to seek advice and help from netizens.