2023-09-23 15:25:01

The scenic spot responds that the sanitation worke

[P] . On September 22, a video of "Mount Taishan Scenic Spot Sanitation Workers Throwing Garbage under the Cliff" shot by a passenger caused a heated discussion on the Internet. On September 23, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily called the Mount Taishan Scenic Spot Management Committee, and the staff said that the situation was true. At present, the cleaning company has been asked to punish the sanitation workers involved, and garbage collection will be carried out later.

The scenic spot responds that the sanitation workers throw garbage into Mount Taishan Mountain: the workers involved will be punished and the follow-up personnel will be organized to go down the mountain to pick up

On September 22, a netizen photographed a sanitation worker in Mount Taishan Scenic Area throwing garbage under the cliff. It is understood that the shooting location is on the ground of Baiyunju platform in Mount Taishan Mountain. In the video, an environmental sanitation worker sweeps soybean milk cups, paper scraps and other garbage from the platform, then leans out and throws them under the cliff. From the video, there is a trash can less than two meters behind the sanitation workers.

On September 23, the reporter of Beiqing Daily called the Nantianmen Management Area of Mount Taishan Scenic Area Management Committee in Tai'an City, and the relevant staff said that it was true. The place of the incident was the Nantianmen scenic spot at the height of Mount Taishan Mountain. The cleaners picked up the garbage on the platform of Baiyun House and threw it down the cliff to save time. At present, the scenic area will start the investigation procedure, punish the third-party cleaning company, and require the cleaning company to deal with the involved cleaners according to regulations, The punishment results will be announced soon. Regarding the garbage thrown off the cliff, the person in charge stated that the cliff is not straight up and down, and there is a relatively gentle forest area below. The scenic area will organize personnel to go down to the forest area to pick up the garbage, but in places that cannot be reached, high-altitude operations will be carried out to lower the mountain.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong