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A homeowner "packed" and bought nearly 2

[P] . Some owners of Fuzhou CR Oak Bay Oak Mansion have reported that some owners have purchased nearly 200 parking spaces at once. If other owners want to buy them from him again, they will need to pay an additional 100000 yuan.

Parking spaces have been extensively purchased

Owners are concerned about parking being affected

A homeowner

Recently, the news that a property owner of China Resources Oak Bay Oak Park purchased nearly 200 parking spaces at once has spread throughout the community. The reporter saw a pink paper hanging above some of the parking spaces in the underground garage of the community, which did not specify the specific license plate number like other parking spaces, but only wrote "for sale parking spaces" and left a mobile phone number starting with 166. From this, it can be inferred that these parking spaces for sale without corresponding private cars should belong to the same entity.

A homeowner

The reporter learned from the owner that there is no ground parking space in their community. Generally, visitors park their vehicles at the parking space in the basement for sale. Nowadays, almost all underground parking spaces are occupied, so people are worried about the impact on parking. In addition, if the homeowners want to make a purchase plan, they can only purchase from this homeowner at a price of over 100000 yuan.

A homeowner

As these locks are locked, our cars will have to park on the road. Sometimes when I need to move heavy objects, I have to negotiate with the security guard if I can temporarily stop, which is very inconvenient.

The first parking space we just acquired was 80000 yuan, and now it's selling for 180000 yuan.

Your price is a bit scary. Anyway, our homeowners will definitely give priority. If you sell it all at once when none of our homeowners will buy it, then there is still room for improvement. The developer didn't even notify us.

The reporter dialed the phone number left on the paper, and the other party stated that they are an owner of the community and currently the property owner of these parking spaces.

Parking space owner

My company needs asset affiliation. What is the problem with buying some assets? Do homeowners have to live in houses like those they buy? Can't I be empty?

Lawyer: Priority should be given to meeting the parking needs of homeowners

Can the parking resources in the community be sold in such a large amount to a single owner at once? Lawyers have stated that there are also many such cases in real life, and there are also some controversies in the determination of various courts. However, there is always a premise in the judgment that it cannot infringe upon the priority of meeting the needs of the owners.

Lawyer Chen Min

If the developer's behavior leads to the inability of community owners to meet their basic needs and parking needs, or if it infringes on the interests of most owners, I believe that the developer's behavior may be suspected of violating mandatory provisions of laws and regulations.

Developer: Package and sell

[P] to meet the owner's usage needs. The lawyer stated that according to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, priority should be given to meeting the parking needs of homeowners. When selling these parking spaces, developers should inform community owners in advance so that everyone has the right to choose. At the same time, large-scale sales also need to consider the proportion of parking spaces in the entire community. In response, the developer stated that they were packaging and selling to meet the needs of the owners and made relevant public announcements.

No public parking spaces

Owners can rent parking from owners

China Resources Land (Fuzhou) Development Co., Ltd. also provided the content of the announcement at that time, which stated that "according to policy regulations, there is no limit to the number of parking spaces purchased by community owners. After the announcement is completed, community owners will start purchasing multiple sets of rights.

A homeowner

Regarding the situation where multiple owners have reported that parking issues may be affected, the developer has stated that they will help communicate with this owner to see if they can provide some parking spaces to more owners in the form of leasing.

A homeowner

Through this incident, the lawyer also reminded the majority of homeowners that the ownership of parking spaces belongs to the developer. When homeowners voluntarily waive their priority rights or there is no demand for parking spaces, the developer has the right to dispose of these assets.

Lawyer Chen Min

When you believe that a developer is about to dispose of a certain asset and may be suspected of infringing on your interests, you should actively raise or claim your rights, and should not neglect to exercise your own rights. If you neglect to exercise your rights, it is possible that your claim will not be supported in the people's court.