2023-09-23 13:54:02

57 people sue the hospital for a claim of 30 milli

[P] . Original title: 57 people sue the hospital for a claim of 30 million yuan. The hospital does not recognize the appraisal conclusion and judgment Recently, many diabetes patients and their families from Yunnan and Guizhou reported that they suffered from severe stomach bleeding, bloody stool, diarrhea and rapid weight loss after undergoing "gastric bypass" surgery in Taihe Hospital in Changsha. Huang Ming recalled his brother's painful appearance before his death and said, "I lost over 30 pounds in half a year. When the stomach bleeding was severe, blood gushed out of my mouth. My brother was urgently sent for rescue on the third day of the Lunar New Year, and died within a month. 37 year old Xiuyun (pseudonym) underwent surgery in 2019 and was forced to miscarry twice after the surgery. 57 living patients filed lawsuits, of which 34 were identified as having 2 ninth degree disabilities. The legal representative of Taihe Hospital stated that out of 57 cases, 9 judgments have become effective, with a total compensation amount of nearly 30 million yuan. Xiao Diwu, the head of Taihe Hospital, stated that this concentrated prosecution occurred after 2021 and there is a problem of being behind the scenes. [P]