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Womens Real Name Reporting&amp Doctors husband

[P] . On March 24th, Suzhou Municipal Hospital released a situation report stating that recently, after discovering online reports related to our doctor Xiong, the hospital attached great importance and quickly established a special investigation team to initiate the investigation. Currently, the work of the parties involved has been suspended. The hospital will handle the case seriously in accordance with the law, regulations, and discipline based on the investigation results.

Women's Real Name Reporting& Doctor's husband cheated on the head nurse; Quot, hospital notification According to previous media reports, on the 22nd, a woman in Suzhou, Anhui reported her husband's infidelity with the head nurse during marriage and refused to pay for the living expenses and tuition fees of her two children. The woman said that when her father fainted, she was taking care of the child outside of town. She called her husband and waited for a long time before he arrived, causing her father to lie on the cold floor for five or six hours.

On the 23rd, the staff of Suzhou Municipal Hospital said that they were "not clear about this matter", and the hospital's official account registration page still had Xiong Moushan's visit information.

Source: The official website of Suzhou Municipal Hospital and Jiupai News

Original title: "Women's Real Name Report:" Doctor Husband's Misconduct with Nurse Head ", Hospital Report"

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