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Is the foster girl in a rural household calling fo

[P] . Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security

Uncle, Auntie, Grandparents

They hit me, they hid the child

They want to marry me to a fool

Uncle and aunt, I want to jump off a high wall

But I can't bear to part with the twins in my belly. Grandparents, let's break our hearts to 100000

Let Shanzi see, come and rescue me quickly

What kind of situation is this?

Isn't this a tragic world?

In the dead of night

Have you shed tears of sympathy

Angered at the tragic fate of the anchor

I wish I could punish evil with my hands

Is the 'foster girl' in a rural household calling for help live? Police: Fake, the anchor will be detained for 5 days!

So the subordinate "Little Red Hearts" brushed up

Buy a "sports car" for the anchor

Send a 'red envelope' to the anchor

By the way, please type 110

I hope to help her escape from the "magic cave"

When you are moved by your good deeds

Little did they know

The anchors behind the screen are grinning and harvesting

Continuous traffic and benefits

Recently, the 110 Command Center of the Yuan County Public Security Bureau in Qingyang Town, Gansu Province received more than ten reports from the public for help, claiming that someone in the jurisdiction has been imprisoned and mistreated, and requesting police assistance.

Is this okay??

Zhenyuan Public Security attaches great importance and immediately assigns departments such as network security, public security, and criminal investigation to carry out investigation and evidence collection work. After multiple verifications, it has been found that the so-called "prisoner abuse" is a farce performed by a host nicknamed "Rong Mou" to gain eyeball traffic benefits!

That's too much!!

After investigation by the police, it was found that the anchor, nicknamed "Rong Moumou", was a local resident named Huang. In order to gain the attention of fans and attract traffic, he recruited 5 extras and created a fake script. The main theme was the tragic life of a rural "foster girl", and he conducted a fictional live performance in a rented cave.

During the live broadcast, content such as domestic violence and abuse, forced arranged marriages, rape, child trafficking, and appeals to the audience for "rescue" runs through the entire process. The number of onlookers in each live broadcast is over 6000, with a total of over 30000 viewers.

Many enthusiastic netizens were extremely anxious and called 110 for help, causing serious negative social impact.

According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Management Penalties, the Zhenyuan County Public Security Bureau of Qingyang City, Gansu Province shall impose an administrative detention of five days on Huang and five others for their act of fabricating facts and disrupting public order in accordance with the law.

Online alert

The vast majority of netizens are very kind. Those who use their kindness to profit will lose their moral bottom line, and at the same time, they will be severely punished in law.

The cyberspace is the common spiritual home of netizens. The public security and cybersecurity departments will continue to increase their efforts in special rectification actions, resolutely crack down on online chaos that challenges the legal bottom line and violates public order and good customs in accordance with the law, and strive to create a clean and upright cyberspace.