2023-09-22 17:26:01

An unnamed mans body was found on a river in Baish

[P] . Joint Inspection Notice At around 11:00 am on August 23, 2023, the Public Security Bureau of Baisha Li Autonomous County received a report from the public stating that an unnamed corpse had been found on the water near the 11th team of Yacha Farm in Songtao Reservoir, Yacha Town, Baisha County. Upon investigation, the deceased was a young man aged 30-40, with a body length of 168cm and a foot length of 26cm. Wear a black T-shirt with the words "RUSHIDAI" printed on the upper body, and military green shorts with the words "NEMEROO lotto" printed on the lower body, without underwear. After multiple efforts, as of now, the police have not yet determined the identity of the deceased and have not been able to find the relevant contact person. The search work is still ongoing. In order to quickly identify the source of the corpse, the general public is requested to actively provide clues. If there are any clues of missing persons with similar characteristics as mentioned above, please contact the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Baisha County Public Security Bureau as soon as possible. Contact person: Police Officer Li's phone number: 18976189051 Police Officer Zhu's phone number: 13976855547 Baisha Li Autonomous County Public Security Bureau September 20, 2023 (Original title: "Unknown male body found on a river in Hainan! Police urgently searching for clues →")